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Re: Would you order an polished ebony or a Satin wood finish? Gombessa 1 minute ago
Originally Posted by tre corda
I am talking of people ordering without trying the piano. (mainly, yes "verboten" by some, still it happens)

I'm of the impression that when you special order a piano, you are committed to purchasing it without trying first, right? The very best you can reasonably hope for is that the dealer will let you swap with an identical one in stock, or possibly upgrade to a more expensive one at cost if you don't like it (the dealer I purchased this offered this if I ordered new). But in the case of a custom or exotic finish instrument, I doubt they can/will make that offer.

In that sense, the very highest tier of instrument in a given line/brand (by cost), whether a Yamaha C-series or Steinway D or Fazioli F308, is by necessity "buy-without-trying", simply because they have to make it to your order/specifications?
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Your "Best Digital Piano" Opinion Requested JaneF 3 minutes ago
In that you insist on something self-contained...

Josh Wright is a classical pianist who has said good things about the Nord: https://kit.co/joshwrightpiano/digital-pianos/2448776-nord-piano-4-88-stag
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Re: Replacing fallboard decal WhoDwaldi 5 minutes ago
I saw a piano once that had the decal (on purpose, by the maker) way off to the right, with the center of the fallboard blank. I thought, How on Earth is one supposed to find Middle C? laugh
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MY NEW PIANO or KEYBOARD! - Share Your Story! Jump to new posts
Re: My new Shigeru Kawai SK2 :) Steven Y. A. 7 minutes ago
Congrats! SK2 is one of the finest piano I have played.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Kawai MP12 Chummy 9 minutes ago
The Osbourne Effect will be avoided if they discontinue the MP11/MP7 very soon but only "formally" acknowledge it a bit later. So they just announce the release date of the upcoming products while less and less of the old ones are trickling in and if they could just time it right, the new ones arrive to the stores just in the nick of time. Doing nothing I'd assume Kawai would lose either way since many people are holding out on a purchase just because of that reason - a product is way past the average "life cycle" of the industry.

Software have a much easier time. If you buy a software like Cubase and a week later a new version comes out you receive a "grace period" in which you are entitled to own the newer version as if you bought it too/
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Temperaments! Again . . .Sorry, guys! peterws 11 minutes ago
There's a vintage Bechstein on Pianoteq I have that uses Well Tempered; I just noticed today, and set it to equal.
Didn't like it . . . .
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Mendelssohn Op. 54 Variation #13 Sidokar 15 minutes ago
Yes for me it is clear that the same style applies to the entire piece. Now at the beginning of the variation it is written sempre assai leggiero which implies a light touch throughout.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Yamaha rant BMKE 16 minutes ago
Originally Posted by WTF Bach
To be serious: they have the instrument ready (DGX670) - they only have to remove some feature…

If they remove features they'll have to charge more, just like the car industry.
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Member Recordings - Non Classical Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
The Bitter End - Placebo John Pigeon 18 minutes ago
This is my smooth arrangement of this rock song. Hope you enjoy!

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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Story continues, next piano hunting (Higher quality Grand) MrSh4nkly 24 minutes ago
Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum Jump to new posts
Re: PiaTune Beta Testing RonTuner 25 minutes ago
Got stuck in auto step A0-C8 while in overpull mode.

Enable overpull (works fine) only manual/auto semitone available
Tap graph (A0-C8 auto step)
Go back to tuning screen and it stays on A0-C8. I had to disable overpull and then re enable to get the proper manual/auto semitone back

Ron Koval
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Kawai announces ES120 portable digital piano grandpianorchestra 35 minutes ago
Originally Posted by RinTin

USA $899
Europe 859

Go ask your dealer for a 10-15% discount.
That is something you can actually have some control over!

Well put RinTin B)
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: New Piano Day: Kawai CA98 peterws 36 minutes ago
It was construed as an indirect advert. Someone on here, semi-local to Marcus might've offered . . . smile
I'm gonna tell no-one about this Pete Reganni guy who writes rubbish fiction on Amazon Kindle . . .
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: About to pull a trigger on a Kawai GX-2. Advice/Thoughts? MarkL 1 hour ago
Great choice, definitely post some pictures.
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: "40 Pieces A Year Club" for 2022 Greta99 1 hour ago
A lot of additions lately!

Mel_lem It’s a lot of pieces and all of them played very well. Beethoven’s sonatinas are usually considered rather boring, but I love them, especially Rondo from Sonatina in F. Your rendition is great! I also loved Oscar Peterson. Your piano sounds fine!

Monviso, welcome back! It’s a good start, maybe we can persuade you to post your recordings, I’d love to hear your Mozart.

SchubertRock Thanks for commenting on my pieces. It looks like you have already adjusted to your new piano. You played Chopin beautifully!

Lilypad Thank you for your comments. I really enjoyed your arrangements. As someone who can't play by ear, I find it very impressive.

Jeremy Taylor Blue Waltz was a very enjoyable listen.

I'm updating my list with a couple of pieces.

1. J. S. Bach, Minuet in D Minor, Anh 132 (Soundcloud)
2. C. Gounod, Les Pifferari (The Bagpipers) (Soundcloud)
2. M. Clementi, Op. 36 no. 5 m. 3 (Soundcloud)
3. E. Grieg, Popular Melody, op. 12 no. 5 (Soundcloud)
3. E. Grieg, Album Leaf, op. 12 no. 7 (Soundcloud)
3. E. Grieg, Solveig's Song, op. 55 no. 4 (Soundcloud)
7. Ukrainian National Anthem (Soundcloud)
8. J. S. Bach, Polonaise in g, BWV Anh 119 (Soundcloud)
9. A. Gretchaninov, Etude in E major Op 98 No 12 (Soundcloud)
10. S. Maykapar, Pedal Prelude in C Major, op 38 no 1 (Soundcloud)
11. J. S. Bach, Invention 9 in F Minor, BWV 780 (Soundcloud)
12. R. Schumann, Winter Time I, op. 68 no. 38 (Soundcloud)
13. J. S. Bach, Fugue No. 2 in C Minor, BWV 847 (Soundcloud)
14. J. S. Bach, Aria in F, BWV Anh 131 (Soundcloud)
15. G. Benda, Sonatina in A minor (Soundcloud)
16. J. S. Bach, Menuet from French Suite no. 6 (Soundcloud)
17. J. Sibelius, Joueur de harpe, op. 34 no. 8 (Soundcloud)
18. W. Rebikow, Playing soldiers, op. 31 no. 4 (Soundcloud)
19. W. A. Mozart, Andante in B-Flat Major, K. 15ii (Soundcloud)
20. R. Schumann, Soldatenmarsch, Op. 68 no. 2 (Soundcloud)
21. J.S. Bach, Invention 8 in F Major BWV 779 (Soundcloud)
22. F. Ruiz, La peruanita (Soundcloud)
23. V. Carbajo, Little Nocturne no. 1 from "Little Nocturnes for Emilia" (Soundcloud)
24. G. Händel, Passepied, HWV 559 (Soundcloud)
25. G. Telemann, Gayment from Fantasia in C Major, TWV 33:1 (Soundcloud)
26. C. Chaminade, Barcarole, op. 123 no. 8 (Soundcloud)
27. G. Gershwin, Summertime, arr. The Pianos of Cha'n, trans. Albert Schimpf (Soundcloud)
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: My Yamaha digital key weight has increased over time bperry 2 hours ago
Thanks everyone.

Gombessa - I agree. I deserve a new piano! I've definitely gotten more value from this keyboard than from anything I've ever owned.
But I think I am going to work on this one just for the heck of it. And shop for something better. The yamaha has never sounded great. Cheap speakers can only sound so good. I did think it played well, but I was a beginner and not too discrminating.

Doug M The list is really interesting. My daughter has a yamaha p125 and the keys are so much easier to play than mine. I don't especially like it, but it's easier. It's 71 at middle. It's partly what made me realize mine was so heavy. Mine was originally heavy, but in addition to weight the whole feel is very clunky now and there's a weird kind of pushback to it. I think it has degraded somehow.

Thanks Southpark. I'm going to try.
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: 1st Time Grand Buyer in Malaysia (!). Please Help! James Gordon 2 hours ago
Maybe others can correct me if I'm wrong here (just some ideas). Feel free to tell me if this doesn't sound right to you.

If you get various pianos from the factory, say a bunch of Bluthner 6s, all like new, but with somewhat different voicing and regulation, you can make modifications to make them virtually the same at the end of the day (assuming parts are all the same).

But you can't make a Bluthner action play like a Renner. It'll always be different. So if there's something not to your liking about Bluthner, as a brand, you're not going to be able to do much about that without changing parts out. And then you're just building a new or custom piano (or buying a different piano).

So doing this kind of shopping (sight unseen) is about knowing what you can play-test and be confident of replicability on a piano not in front of you. But ideally you do need to have *the* experience of sitting down and loving how a piano feels. Otherwise, why would you buy it? If you have hang-ups about the piano of that brand, it wouldn't make sense to think "well, if I order one sight unseen then maybe it'll be better or I can make it the way I want it". Unless you're willing to put in extra work which could be quite extensive (again, Abel parts generally won't play the same as Steinway parts).

I seem to remember you had hang-ups about the Bluthner. You said the action was too heavy or something? Action can be made lighter or heavier, but the feel of the action cannot always be changed. That's what makes it specifically a Bluthner action. Action is important, and tone. Those are the big ones.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum Jump to new posts
Re: PTG search is unavailable? dogperson 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by ebonyk
Yeah, this isn't really a search of anything but what's on the website. You can't use it to find a technician.

Thanks for checking!
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Does hitting the key to hard damage the acoustic piano? prout 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Scott Cole, RPT
A modern concert grand in top condition can take the kind of punishment necessary for a romantic concerto. An old 1900s with a brass flange rail, flattened hammers, and dry rot in the hammer shanks, not so much. Century-old glue joints can start to fail.
This comment seems to imply that you aren't a fan of romantic piano concerti, since you consider that the piano is being punished. I don't listen to them so I can't offer an opinion on the modern stylistic techniques of piano abuse. whistle

Perhaps the romantic orchestras of the day were fewer in number and played less aggressively so that the pianist could make love to the piano rather than abuse it.

I heard Liszt was hard on his pianos, though.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Piano vst interesting EPW 2 hours ago
Lovely playing 💟
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: I finally got a new upright piano. MrSh4nkly 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Steven Y. A.
I heard great things about the Seiler magnetic action, congratulations!
what's the purchase price, would you mind to share?
Thanks, Steven. The magnetic action pertains to only, if I recall correctly, one Seiler upright model. In grands, since the action is horizontal and gravity does much of the work, there's no need.

New, the MSRP and SMP for an ebony polish Seiler ES-186 are $145K and $108K, respectively, per Mr. Fine's pianobuyer.com guide. The (barely) used one you can see in the video a few posts back is 10 years old and was $40K. That was way beyond what I was able to pay, but last year I paid off my 7-year-old car with a mere 25K miles on it. With no need for another car loan for the foreseeable future, I rationalized getting a loan for the piano as replacing the old monthly car payment with a new one for the piano. Allegro offered a 7-year loan at 8.75% provided I agreed to monthly automatic debit payments and put down at least 10% of the price, so I jumped on that and then promptly insured the piano's ~$108K replacement value through Heritage. This was in early April, so Allegro's rates may have risen a percent or more along with overall interest rates since then.

Per the separate thread you made, I know you're in the hunt for a higher quality grand. These are definitely higher quality grands; however, for the reasons I mentioned above, they may not sound very appealing at all in showrooms. It's not cost effective for dealers to voice them to the level I had to on my own, and, in my opinion, because of their unique soundboard design, they sound thin and harsh when they're not expertly tuned and properly voiced to cushion the hammers in a manner similar to what is discussed in this post:

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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Eastman piano diploma ShiroKuro 3 hours ago
This conversation certainly has taken an interesting turn! I don't have much to offer but I can really appreciate Sam's comments about not arguing about some of these details. Also, thanks for the link Sam, I look forward to reading about the Piano VooDoo.

I actually love that characterization! There's something magical that happens when music-making works well. Describing tone color as voodoo is meant to deny the ability to change tone color, and as someone who knows a fair amount (though not as much as Sam, for example) about piano mechanics, I agree that a lot of the claims about how tone color can be changed often seem to be contradictory to how piano's actions work, and physics for that matter.

Nevertheless, the best pianists often have the ability to create something so amazing, it sometimes seems exactly like that, magic, or voodoo if you like.

It's most likely the case that when the magic happens, it's because of velocity, dynamics, expression, phrasing, micro-pauses.... but at a level that is so subtle...
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Considering a Schimmel C213 - some concerns belcanto89 3 hours ago
Cassia - I own a new Schimmel C189, and I tried out a C213 in my search, so I thought I'd share some of my experiences. I'm hoping to write up a full post on my piano buying journey at some point, but unfortunately it's fallen a little bit on my to-do list priorities smile

The damper pedal is definitely a bit on the stiffer side compared to those on similarly situated brands. But I still find it relatively easy to control and to get the many gradations of pedaling necessary for advanced playing.

As long as you're happy with the tone and touch of the C213, I wouldn't let the damper pedal stop you from purchasing one. As was suggested earlier, you might ask the dealer to adjust it before purchasing, as well.

In general, I find the Schimmel Classic series to be ideal for those who are looking to buy a very fine piano at the point of diminishing marginal returns of price. I'm overall very happy with my C189, and personally think it's crazy that the brand isn't even more popular in the US. But that's just my opinion.

By the way, I agree with you - the new "Your Keys to Happiness" insignia is pretty cheesy. I really hope they get rid of that in future years.
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Crowdsourcing Fingerings and Solutions Papa D 3 hours ago
I have two connected questions/thoughts:

I have an interest in learning some Ligeti etudes - well, mostly number 6. There are no fingerings in the score, and I thought I'd see if any good folks out there have gone through and put in fingerings for that etude (and I suppose any others) that they'd be willing to share. Seems like it would be a great resource to have online generally - even scoping out some of the papers on his etudes had almost nothing in the way of fingerings, and there is a certain slog aspect to first approaching his works that I think could be cut down by having something somewhat battle-tested to start with in the way of fingering.

Second, I'm curious for any folks that have played Scriabin's 9th sonata how they approached the passage with double trills after the alla marcia on page 12 here: https://s9.imslp.org/files/imglnks/usimg/7/7e/IMSLP509052-PMLP5363-Scriabin_A_-_Op_68_Piano_Sonata_No.9_(Muzgiz).pdf

I figured in the left hand 2-3 for the a-flat/b-flat trill and possibly 1-3 (thumb on c-flat and 3 over on d-flat) at the bottom. In addition to fingering, I wonder if folks measure it out much or sort of intuit the time and accelerando. Line up the trills or let them fly as they will? I usually like to have these things sort of planned out - even if you don't plan it out, I feel like you typically always end up playing it the same way anyway, so your body will plan it out for you!
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Red thread - newbie question hockyfan 3 hours ago
Thanks again! No appreciable residual glue so hopefully should be good to go then with the Titebond. The mending plates are a good idea too, as this is an area I presume may not hold all that well on its own/with glue alone.
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