Hi all,

I have been working on this piece for the past 6-7 weeks. It's not up to the "presto" tempo yet and its not technically perfect, but I wanted to share and get some feedback on my playing in the meantime. The piece is recorded on a Kawai CA79 using PianoTeq.

Background: This piece comes from Op. 16, a set of three pieces that was eventually published as Trois Fantasies ou Caprices. The second piece in the set, the scherzo in E minor, is the most long-lived of the three, figuring into the commonplace repertoire. The set was written for three daughters of a prominent English family, who he stayed with during the summer of 1829, when Mendelssohn was just 20 years old. There's definitely a youthful energy to the piece and the spritish melodies and figurations are quite attractive.

Hope you enjoy!

MP3 link: https://lap.box.com/shared/static/22sh11beohy5lqyodbljvc1ofc65b6ax.mp3