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Re: Pipe Organ built into a house c++ 1 minute ago
Very cool!
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Adam A7X monitors and piano VSTs. Anyone? David Lai 8 minutes ago
Originally Posted by EB5AGV
Originally Posted by David Lai
Good to hear from you, Jose! It's nice to know that you are enjoying the new speakers. I would imagine such detailed treble would have been fatiguing, but glad it's not the case for you. Happy to read a report that is not from a marketing personnel! smile Wish you many happy times with them every day!

David, I compare this to changing glasses. You need a time to adapt but, once adapted, your vision improves. Going from JBL LSR 305 to Adam A7X is quite a change. Initially you may find its trebble is too harsh. But it is, IMHO, just finely detailed and truer ro reality. So, after some hours, you stop feeling that harshness and begin to appreciate finesse.

I hope my comment makes sense smile

PS: I have got a new toy (today is my birthday so, well, I deserve it wink ). No, it is NOT a new VST (I have them all (not true!)), but a Big Knob Studio monitor controller interface. I have got it barely used and cheap (114€ shipped)

My main planned use for it is to have two pairs of monitors and be able to switch among them seamlessly. Even playing both same time. This way I will be able to compare in real time among the different monitors I have and perhaps even use four of them at same time, if that helps on the final sound, depending of what I am playing. Or, at least, for my mixes, checking them in two different pairs of monitors. I will post my experiences in some days.

This unit is lots more powerful than just a switcher, so will see how it fits on my installation as I learn more about it thumb

Goodness, that's some nice progress! For me, I'm still adjusting the volume on my audio interface. smile Good for you, Jose!
Yes, I think what you said makes sense -- a better pair of glasses will indeed help with vision. I'll keep this in mind, when the internals of my KRK Rokit5 G4 starts to brake, I'll eventually upgrade. But I believe it will last me a long, long time!
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
New post on my blog about dynamics and phrasing BlizzardPiano 9 minutes ago
I just had a piano lesson and wanted to share my experience.


Please let me know what you think! I strive to be as accurate as possible, and I think that many of these ideas aren't talked about enough, so I thought it would be a good idea to write out my experiences and collect them in a single place. I hope people will find the explanations useful. This is something which I had been struggling with for quite a while now.
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Re: Do you like this Steinway? Ghostnotes 15 minutes ago
I thought it sounded nice enough. I noticed the damper issues as well. Who is to say? The room sure helped. My laptop tends to be generous to pianos. I need to play it and hear it in person. I liked the two in the video Dave posted more, though.
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Regularly Recording Practice Sessions? josh_sounds 19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by ClsscLib
...If I end up wanting to go back over the recording to reflect on particular problems, to seek encouragement from what worked, or to save "takes" on pieces that go well, that's great. If none of that applies, I'll probably delete the recording immediately after the practice session...
Yes, you are on the right track. in the absence of an observer, a recording of your best sessions would definitely be a good substitute*, to improve your technique, performance.

*guys please don't get riled up, keyword here is substitute, and not a total replacement
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Technology recommendations? EPW 21 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Sam S
The other thing about forscore that I have started to use recently, is landscape mode. My old eyes are not getting any better. The bright screen helps, and rotating to landscape orientation makes the score large and easy to read. More page turns, of course, but it's worth it for some scores with small print.


That is why I love Musicreader on Windows 10 on a nice 24" screen. I'm legally blind in one eye and my other eye is not that great in vision either frown
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: First beginner piano Kawai CN39 or wait for new model? EPW 26 minutes ago
Congrats on the practicing time! Good luck in your search for a DP in this darn pandemic.
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Any learning program that does not need a teacher? TheophilusCarter 27 minutes ago
Let’s see here. I started with the Alfred All-in-One Adult Method. I went through book 1 and into book 2, but I started to get frustrated with the rather unmusical selections … Then there was a period (which I didn’t mention above) where I worked from a collection of supposedly elementary pieces and just plain learned tunes for a while. However, I came to see that the difficulty levels were all over the place (on the RCM scale, from level 1 all the way through level 5!). At that point, I got the RCM syllabus and assessed myself, seeing that I had already pretty comfortably completed a lot of pieces that were through level 2, but just a smattering of pieces above that. So I decided to start with level 3 and work through there (I stopped about halfway through level 5, as mentioned above, to switch to blues).

I mainly looked at the syllabus and Alyssia’s PianoTV videos (she works off RCM) and went from there. I decided, based on conversations around here, to pretend I was taking exams and do everything required by the syllabus for each level’s exams, but not limit myself to it either (I probably did about three times as many pieces as required, and I spent at least a week on every etude in the book, then focusing on a few to learn more thoroughly). I spent a year on level 3 and a year on level 4, then a handful of months on level 5. (Individual progress will vary by, well, individual, of course – it’s not a race!) In the interest of full disclosure, I already played other instruments, and so already knew some theory and could read music, but I don’t think it’s a problem if you’re starting from scratch with those either: the RCM syllabus includes sight-reading & theory books in addition to the collections of pieces and etudes.

Anyway, to answer your actual question! I think methods are good to start with, but once you have the basics down, you might find the RCM course more musical. They also do a good job of promoting the total musician (theory, reading, etc.). Alyssia is a good YT teacher too! (If you feel you get a lot of value from her videos, please consider contributing to her Patreon - that goes for Christian Fuchs, too.) I should also say that RCM has two prep levels (Prep A and Prep B) that beginners would do before hitting level 1 – they are probably closer to those beginner method books. As far as difficulty within each level, it’s true that there can be some variety, but I think they’re all more or less in the ballpark, so you just have to use some common sense – and of course, ask for help around these parts – to pick selections that are appropriate for you.

I hope that helps! Always happy to chat about this, so feel free to ask more questions.
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Identifying Grieg Music! Amy H 28 minutes ago
Amazing! Thank you so much Pianoloverus!
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Not bad for a baby grand Keith D Kerman 39 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Dave Ferris
Enjoyed everything about it - beautiful tone, the playing, the piece, as well as a nice recording. Thanks !

Thanks for commenting, it is appreciated and I am glad you liked it!
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Yamaha AvantGrand N1X - Hands On David B 43 minutes ago
Originally Posted by mwf
I don't know David, it's the same piano every time, the exact same shop floor N1X, I change my mind alot and I am a different person from one day to the next, I see little point in dwelling on my previous encounters with the N1X now, I'm moving forward, hopefully you can also.

I apologize if my questions caused you any grief. I'm genuinely interested in your experience and I appreciate your willingness to share on this forum. I think it's exciting you found something you like and I'm really looking forward to some of new N1X uploads I hope you'll share on your YouTube channel.

God Bless,
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Steinway Sale this weekend? twocats 46 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Ghostnotes
It's funny how that works! Good for you, I'm glad you got the deal.

Off-topic, but have I told you that Bo is one of the most beautiful pianos I have seen?

Haha, I bought the Petrof IV mostly because I wanted a grand and it was a good deal (and I loved my Petrof upright)! It turned out that it being a good deal wasn't enough to make up for the fact that I just didn't like it all that much (although I liked it far more than that old Steinway!). It was a real shame that they wouldn't let the son play or keep the piano that he loved though. He was a really sweet boy.

And thank you, Bo is the most beautiful piano I've ever seen and I'm still amazed that it's sitting in my living room!

I guess the moral is: judge each piano on its own, definitely not by brand! I was so disappointed when I was piano shopping five years back and played some new Steinways. I'd been so hopeful that they'd be like the B that I loved in college.
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Hand Development and the Thumb Ido 49 minutes ago
I don't agree and I think you're correct by being cautious. What your teacher suggests (about the movement) makes sense and sounds familiar and I think I've heard it from my teachers as well. You're probably not implementing it right, which is OK. I don't think you should stop playing, just keep trying to get it right (carefully, with the help of your teacher, and by using the pain/ease as indicator for incorrect movement). Just wait for the lesson if it doesn't work.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum Jump to new posts
Re: cheap sponge instead of felt? chopin_r_us 51 minutes ago
That"s why I need a variety of thicknesses and densities. I'll start experimenting with a few keys in the bass.
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Interesting Craigslist find: Knabe Grand Ed Foote 1 hour ago
It sounds like an old tired piano. Knabes were known for their "singing voice", which to me means an emphasis on the mid and treble spectrum at the expense of the fundamental. This means also that you need a lot of sustain, which I don't hear on this one. There is also a common trait of the older pianos; bridges that are splitting and loose bridge pins. Could be a really fine instrument if it is properly set up.

Some people like Martin guitars, some like Gibsons. Both are high quality, both offer different responses. Neither is better than the other, though Martin seems to have a more consistent history. I have compared pre-war D-28s to early model J-200s and they are completely different animals. Both are responsive, both are expensive, both are used by a lot of professionals, just for different reasons, (I don't remember ever seeing a J-200 on stage with a Gibson Mastertone banjo and F-5 mandolin...)

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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Rotatur cuff damage David-G 1 hour ago
Hope you get over it soon, Philip! Lisa is right, do see a doctor - or a physiotherapist perhaps.
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Pianist Corner - Non Classical Jump to new posts
Re: Don’t try this at home: Don Pullen style RinTin 1 hour ago
Lol. That swirl sounds like Martian music. He was a guest on the Marian McPartland show and it’s online.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Twenty cents flat -- lower the pitch? Ed Foote 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by edferris
Customer says the piano has never held tune. Tuner says he found it at A = 442 a year ago and tried A = 435. The tone doesn't indicate any bridge or soundboard problems.

This logic escapes me. Seasonal changes can move a piano 12 cents between winter and summer, depending on where you have it. I don't suppose Miami has the same swing as Minneapolis, so that has to be considered. If I found a piano at 442, in the middle of summer, I would tune it there. However, I don't ever see a piano that is equally off pitch, so it may be at 442 right above the bass break, 440 in the middle, and 441 in the top, so there is an average line that extends through the span. Perhaps a year of 441 in humid seasons and 439 in winter would give a baseline, but moving things 30 cents flat, all at once, will probably de-stabilze everything for a full cycle.

It seems that the piano may have gone way sharp before he tuned it down, and then went to the other side of the cycle and dropped below. We have had long threads of floating pitch on this forum, so there is some research material for those interested.

I have also noticed that flat soundboards, or those with no real bearing, will cause wild swings not only during seasonal changes, but also during tuning. I have assumed it was because it takes little change to move the initial tension changes from a straight string to one with bearing.

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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Chopin 48-1 Pedal use in measure 48 Chris James 1 hour ago
Seems like Souncloud took it down for copyright infringement! I've disputed, but may not be back up for a while (I'll correct it's title to 48-1 when I do!!!)
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Pianoteq is a miracle EPW 1 hour ago
Meghdad I think the mega sampled libraries, most are use to that sound comes into play. Also I notice for me anyway that modeled pianos really need a good sound system.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Novel Piano Tuning App pianofish 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Frank Illenberger
On the iPad, pianoscope is using the behaviour Apple is recommending for page sheets: Sheets which do not contain unsaved data should be dismissable by tapping outside of them or by swiping down.

Thank you for helping me understand. On the iPad, the page sheets for adding a new temperament are dismissed when tapping outside. Because some of the controls are close to the edge of the page sheet, it can be difficult to input all 12 offsets without accidentally losing the unsaved data for the new temperament.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Sennheiser sold its consumer audio division wouter79 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by MacMacMac
I made no claims at all. The author does, without justification.
Originally Posted by wouter79
Actually it's you who makes the blank statements and does not debunk any of his claims.
I simply look for evidence.

Originally Posted by wouter79
He gives a full page of previous failed sellouts, a.o. Olympus cameras, VAIO, Polaroid, Blackberry
The author's citations of company acquisitions fails to include any that were successful. It's a biased tale.

Those business he chooses to highlight were already in decline:
Polaroid was adrift in the days of digital photography, right?
Olympus was likewise, as cell phones took away most of the consumer photo business, right?
The demise of Blackberry was predicted (prematurely) more than a decade ago, right? It's amazing that it held on as long as it did.
VAIO laptops were also-rans in the highly competitive laptop market, right?

Conversely, the sale by IBM of its ThinkBook laptop business was a success for its new owner, Lenovo. They own more than 25% of the market.

Not all sellouts become failures.

So ... is Sennheiser already in decline, suggesting that the buyout will cause its demise? I don't think it is. But what do I know?
In any case, it's yet to be seen what will become of Sennheiser products.
Originally Posted by wouter79
[quote=]Much ado over nothing.

The author of that linked article writes ...
A slide in quality seems inevitable.
I do think the days of Sennheiser being near the top of the consumer audio tree are numbered.
... but he offers no justification. None at all.

Thanks. This already becomes a more concrete discussion input. Now you're giving some actual arguments instead of blanket statements.

I don't like the tone though ( "right?" )
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: ever considered sofa instead of piano bench? BruceD 2 hours ago
10-year old thread! What's the point in reviving it?
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Petrof IV vs. Schimmel C126 vs. Kawai GS40 twocats 3 hours ago
Congrats! I've really liked all the Schimmel uprights I've played smile
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Yamaha C2X vs C3X navi9187 3 hours ago
Go and get the C3X!!!! For me there was a big night and day difference between the sound of C2x and C3x. I had the same dilemma adding few more grand to the original budget but sleeping on it I decided that it's my long term piano so I won't skimp on few grand and have regrets every day thinking what if I got the C3x instead.

Where is the seller of the C3x located? I just saw the other day a 2019 C3X seller up north of California.
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