I post this offering in this esteemed composers forum with some fear and trepidation, but, nothing ventured, nothng gained eh wot!

I got a casio px320 several months ago, got an amplifier little while later, already had a computer, already had a kawai gm10 acoustic baby grand, got a bunch of cables, got anvil software (initially to help me teach my SED kids at school how to grasp the basics of music), and recently got Sibelius light (actually it's called "sibelius first". Figured if I get on well with "first" I can upgrade to the heavyweight version, but for now, starting with acorns rather than oak trees)

Anyways, helping my kids translate their bashing on my digital keyboard at scfhool to a midi file they can take home and show their parents their composition got me going for myself. So a couple of months ago I bashed on my digital piano into anvil software, then added a track and hey presto two tracks (string ensemble and timpani).

My idea was to have a theme and try to vary and move forward with it. I did this two months ago and picked it up again tonight and pulled the file into Sibelius and played it from there through my piano and amp. Just two tracks, sure looks complicated in score on sibelius - did I really compose this? (fraid so, yep am guilty)

I am long winded (yep)

Anyway, I would appreciate/be interested in any feedback you may have. The piece is only 2 1/2 minutes long. As it's two months since I first worked on it, to be honest, I forgot where I was headed with it. Really its just an idea - a recurring theme/tune that I return to several times, whilst trying to drift away from it, then come back to familiar territory, then go off somewhere again etc.

Many thanks for any feedback. The file is called junk22.mid (coz each time I make a change I increment the file number to preserve the previous version - so I have had 22 iterations since I started on it.

File can be found here

Thanks again