Hello, Everyone.
Thanks so much to Frank Baxter for giving us this space in which to come together and, hopefully, stimulate, motivate and inspire one another.

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Kevin Kern and I am a composer, performer and recording artist who has had the good fortune to develop a loyal following throughout the world. As a man who grew up with severe visual impairments and a life-long connection to the instrument we all love, I feel doubly blessed to see that special sense of connection to musicmaking provide me with both a source of personal comfort and spiritual centeredness as well as a livelihood.

Since 1996, when this phase of my career began, I have recorded ten CDs and played at least that many over seas concert tours. In that time, I've had six Billboard charting CDs, with three top tens, and seen my music used in a variety of contexts ranging from major TV ad campaigns for fortune 500 companies, to radio, TV and film both here and abroad. Feel free to follow the links in the biography below to hear more of my music and to learn more about my story.
Though legally blind, I do most of my own transcriptions using Sibelius and an additional piece of adaptive software called Sibelius Speaking. It allows the Sibelius program to "talk to me". I also use SONAR in my studio with CakeTalking when I am composing in my home studio.

I have been a Steinway Artist since 2005.

I look forward to a lively exchange of ideas between insightful, likeminded artists, and hope I can do my part to contribute.

~ Kevin

For more than a decade, Steinway Artist Kevin Kern has been synonymous with beautiful melodic music. Beginning with his phenomenally successful debut CD, In the Enchanted Garden, Kevin has developed his own unique musical voice where melodies exude lyricism, simplicity, and a directness that touches the heart of the listener.
Though legally blind since birth, his exceptional talent soon became clear. The influence of lifelong friend and mentor, jazz great Sir George Shearing, coupled with a strong classical education helped Kevin to develop an early love of improvisation and an appreciation for the beautiful sound a piano could produce.
Six Billboard® charting releases, along with numerous international film and TV credits (Oprah, David Letterman, PBS, Mitsubishi), have garnered Kevin a worldwide following. His concert tours have taken him to Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan as well as the United States.

“My whole life, thus far, has been a celebration of that unique bond I have felt with my favorite musical instrument and ‘best friend.’ The melodies I have written are a testament to that friendship."


Christmas (2012)
Enchanted Piano (2012)
Endless Blue Sky (2009)
Imagination’s Light (2005)**
The Winding Path (2003)**
More Than Words: The Best of Kevin Kern (2002) Embracing the Wind (2001)*
In My Life (1999)
Summer Daydreams (1998)*
Beyond the Sundial (1997)*
In the Enchanted Garden (1996)**
and on over 20 compilations for the Real Music label
* Billboard Chart
**Billboard Chart top 10 position

Sheet Music Collections

Christmas Songbook (2012)
Imagination’s Light Songbook (2008)
In the Enchanted Garden Songbook (2006)
Over 80 individual titles available from KevinKern.com and MusicNotes.com

What the media is saying...

“Kevin Kern sees the music other musicians can only hear.”
Ron Brownlow, Taipei Times

“...a master of melody and quiet emotional depth.”
Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

“With Kern, the message is pretty simple - beautiful, spiritual melodies that relax and inspire.”
Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

For more information about Kevin, visit KevinKern.com

Kevin Kern Music
3109 W. 50th Street, #212
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Facebook - www.Facebook.com/KevinKernMusic
Twitter - www.Twitter.com/KevinKernMusic
YouTube - www.YouTube.com/kevinpiano