I just bought a used piano from someone who bought it from Costco in 2004. When asked the brand, Cable was marked on the top of a sales receipt. After doing research, it appears this was built by Yamaha and the piano is identical to the U3, however there was no branding at all. There is no medallion on the metal plate and when I looked up the serial numbers, they either couldn't be found or it said this piano was not made for sale in the USA. It has barely been used and looks like brand new, there just is no branding on it at all! The model # NU-32TD and serial # GN0835. If you have any information on it I would appreciate it. It also says on the back that it was made in China. I wonder if Costco and Yamaha made a deal to sell unbranded Yamahas for whatever reasons. I am still buying the piano because it sounds great, barely used at all, and I got an incredible price for it. Also, I am pretty sure it is a Yamaha as it was made in China (supposedly Cable) and it was bought at Costco, so I wouldn't suspect anything sleezy from them. If you have any information that would be helpful, I would really appreciate it.