Good morning Everyone,

I found myself searching through this forum researching player systems on pianos and I really hoped you could help out.

I have been browsing the Internet trying to do some research on a piano that we picked up last week.
It is a 19-year-old young Chang baby grand satin finish piano 5‘1“ in flawless condition. We bought it from a couple in Lakeville Minnesota and recently the wife passed away and she was the only user of the piano.. she had paid Schmidt music to install a pianomation II system in 2014.
The husband that sold us the piano was “unable to connect the system to his Internet.” Or so he says. I have since been scouring the Internet trying to figure out the proper steps to get it connected. I have accomplished connecting the netgear Wi-Fi extender to our router. And I am able to confirm that it is connected to the Internet by wirelessly connecting an iPad to the Wi-Fi extender and surfing the web.

There are three lights on the front of the pin controller below the keys that Light up amber colored. And if I turn the system off and turn it back on all of the pins on that controller cycle through colors for a while and then go back to those three lights on the far left lighting up amber colored. When I try to go through any sequence with the processor using those three LED buttons near the SD card slot nothing happens... I can hold button number three in for eight seconds and it will turn the system off and I can turn it back on. But those three buttons never light up.

I briefly discussed this with a technician here in town, He was highly recommended from Manny’s piano movers to help with the electronic part of our piano. He said based on what I have told him he thinks that the processor is bricked. He is recommending upgrading to the new player pianomation 3. @$1200 more bucks.
I have not received 100% confirmation of my processor being defective. I’m just wondering if you have any thoughts? Other ideas I could try? I know it is out of warranty so I am not sure what QRS would do? I have been searching high and low for even grabbing another pianomation II processor to just plug and play? Just wondered if you had any thoughts!

Thanks ahead of time for your insight and help into the matter!

Thank you

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