No hard-core gamer has missed the Cyberpunk 2077 saga, the most talked-about game of 2020, famous for its over-reaching Role Playing ambitions and controversial buggy launch. Personally I have a lot to admire in this game, first of all its gleeful political incorrectness, and breathtaking philosophical scope. The launch disaster came for its avant-garde graphics, which could not be handled by older cheaper consoles, anymore than Lizst on a clapped out spinet, with the game becoming so buggy that it was unplayable. A major 1.2 patch issued last week solves most of these issues, with severely dumbed-down graphics for older sonsoles. I never had any problems on my home made PC.


But this is about pianos, and quite a few grands appear in this dystopian science fiction city similar to the future L.A. in Blade Runner. They symbolize the refined tastes of the ruling "Corpo" corporate class à la Fritz Lang's "Metropolis". And also the dubious tastes of Kerry Eurodyne, a rock guitarist who apparently uses his piano as a bar, see above picture.

Our first encounter with a grand, however is at the chic appartment of a would be suave and liberal mayoral candidate. (He and his wife will later prove to be A.I.'s manipulated from Alpha Centauri). It apparently is a Spirio of sorts, since we are greeted by Debussy's First Arabesque with no one at the keyboard.


The utimate Corpo goddess, Hanako Arasaka, heiress to a maleficient arms and cybernetics zaibatsu, also plays a grand and will wellcome you at the end of the game rising fron the keyboard on a few Chopin chords.

Life is a smorgasbord, and I want to taste everything.