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I do love the VST sounds, but its too technical for me with its endless options.

Mmathew, there is no need at all to immerse yourself in the endless technical options. Just play it as it is. Have you watched this video?

Thanks for sharing Animisha. The man makes it look simple and I do think it is. However, when I sit down to play, I keep thinking - could the sound be made better than it already is? Can I make the touch response better? Is my touch response right and realistic? What if I change this/that? etc...

Obviously this is not the VST technologies' fault - I'm just awestruck at the sheer amount of ways in which a sound can be adjusted. A pro/advanced player will immediately feel at ease with VSTs; I'm just getting into intermediate - but as Jose says, I'll be back. This kind of threads are helping me learn VSTs in depth.

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