Hi everyone.
I'm not a piano player per se. More of production- studio all arounder and I'm looking to upgrade my M - Audio Hammer 88 as a weighted controller (everything is really cool with the keyboard for the price, but it feels quite heavier towards the end of the keys and I think I would like the keys to be longer, since - with my poor technique - I play a lot towards the end).
I'm using a weighted keyboard mainly on piano and electric piano vsts in my studio. I'm not a gigging musician as a keyboard player of any kind. But I know exactly what I like and what I don't. I like Hammer 88 in the first place because it's not graded and it has great midi implementation and totally professional construction.
I hate heavy and graded digital keyboard. They feel very unnatural to me. No problems on real acoustic or electric instruments. I also dislike anything with speakers, cheap plastic digital piano look and construction. Stage Piano yes. And surely metal casing.

These days I've tried quite a lot of instruments around my local market. Most things didn't do it for me. No need to mention what I don't like. Huge list. But I really like few things. Basically I really loved the Yamaha CP 73 - even if its keys are not that long. But I loved everything about it. Feel, classic piano sounds and "nord style" lay out look. I quite liked the Roland Juno Ds 88 feel too. I really disliked the lay out with the pads etc, the whole plastic construction and most of its "modern" sounds and "jam" capabilities. And the Nord Stage 73 semi feel is good too - I don't like their normal fatar weighted models. Fantastic sounds, the best panel but I think it's really focused on organ players and a semi weighted action - even if it's a heavier and really good semi weighted one- is not ideal for me.

Yamaha CP 73 was the one for me. But it's still very expensive for the use I need it and it can't be found on the european used market, yet - and I doubt it will appear readily in the next couple of years. So I asked around people in fora and other technicians and experienced players I know and all told me if I want something similar I may have to find something of the Yamaha S90 - Motif family with BHE action (some were swearing by them quality and feel wise). They all agreed that the keys feel great and they are on the lighter side without grading. The keys are longer too.

So I looked around the european ebay - reverb etc. and I can find S70 sx, S 90 se, S 90 sx, Mo 8 even older S 80 ones. I have to admit that most of the prices asked are expensive for 12- 20 years old keyboards with nearly non resale value in the near future - even now. So it seems like whatever I buy - if I buy something like that- it will stay with me.
I know that if I had one of these I would never use its sampling, sequencing, layering etc. capabilities, or its "real" digital string, brass, guitar or whatever samples. Actually I have some older keyboards with such things I don't like. And on the other hand their obsolete and not appealing lay out design is not a put off for me either. I know how things were 15-20 years ago and wht the Yamaha style was.
I just need good midi implementation, really good and light balanced weighted keyboard feel and a few good classic piano-keyboard sounds on the side for fun and jam. Luckily enough I have the experience to understand what the condition is more or less just from photos, since I 've made some keybed and other related keyboard electronics repairs during my years, but still I'm pretty hesitant, since they 're not coming for free. And as I said I'm looking for an upgrade to a really good weighted controller, that I'm quite happy with.

Have you experienced any of these keyboards as midi controllers? Have you got any personal experience as an owner and long time user? Do they worth it? Which one seems the better option and what a decent price for a used one of each of these models would be nowadays?

Thanks in advance

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