Here are my pop producer "Max Martin" hit songwriting crib notes:

Survey of #1 hits the past 10 years:

Key of G (the most popular)
113 BPM (the most popular)

||: I | V | vi- | IV :|| the "Let It Be" progression
||: C | G | A- | F :|| in C

Simple lyrics (3rd to 5th-grade level)

Most popular form:
(between 30-60 seconds to arrive at the Chorus)
Intro 4 bars
Verse 8 bars
Pre Chorus 8 bars
Chorus 16 bars
Bridge 8 bars

||: i- iv- | bVII bIII | bVI iv- | v- i- :|| typical
||: C- F- | Bb Eb | Ab F- | G- C- :|| or a variation of

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