I have a Story and Clark 1917 yearbuilt Artist Model
upright Player Piano. In wonderful playing condition, newly tuned(Last year) and can still play any roll I throw at it from a slow ballad to a quick dixie medley. Not to mention the new songs I get from so far QRS, I've heard other companies still make rolls, but I know QRS from the old rolls I already have.

ANYway, how might I find the value of the piano. Never to sell of course, but maybe to insure? But, I realize that it could be worth that of a small car or small building. I dont know, a little help would be appreciated.

Some specs:
Tiger Maple and Oak body, sound board and all of the other wood parts are same.
50's maybe upgrade to rubber tubing for the 88 note tracker bar
Original bellows and resoiver wood parts with 50's
upgrade to bellows cloth
Same with dampner and sustain control belloqws/pneumatic
50's (maybe) pneumatics cloth
Tri deck hammer pneumatics
It has an old vacumn pump, probably 40 years old, and the right side resoiver was removed for it(?)
brass tracker bar and control levers

anything else? Is anyone here an expert on such matters pertaining to these pianos or brand specific advice?

Jordan Stewart