Moderators Wanted

The forums keep growing, we need to add more moderators.
If you are interetested in volunteering to help, please read on...

The Moderator Will:
  • Watch for Offensive Posts
  • Watch for Inappropriate Pictures
  • Warn Offenders
  • Remove Inappropriate Pictures
  • Ask the Poster of an Offensive Post to Remove It (or clean it up)
  • Remove the Offensive Post Themselves if the Poster Refuses (and copy me on the details)
  • Warn repeat offenders they can be banned (and keeping me informed of the details)
  • Try to Help Posters of Legitimate Questions (by pointing them to the answer if it already exists)
  • Alert Me If They See a Particularly Helpful Post (so we can add it to one of the FAQ areas)
  • Uphold a Code of Ethics

The Moderator Will NOT:
  • Let His/Her Personal Feelings Cloud Their Judgement
  • Abuse The Privileges of Being a Moderator
  • Override My Decisions
  • Attempt to Steer any Guests/Members Toward a Particular Product, Dealer, Tuner, Etc.

Moderator Qualifications:
~ Moderators must be willing and able to put personal feelings aside.
~ They must use good judgement and treat all posters equally.
~ Admittedly it is not always easy to discern between lively debates and crossing the line. Do your best. When in doubt, discuss the posts in question with other moderators.
~ Should visit the forum(s)they are responsible for at least once a day when practical.

Basics to Keep In Mind
Our primary objectives are to provide a good source of information about all things related to the piano, have some fun, enjoy each other's company, share knowledge, learn from each other, and try to be helpful.
And remember, we are a family-oriented web site.

Moderator Positions

It would be helpful to have moderators from different time zones.

Moderators can only moderate in the forums to which they are assigned. However, if you see something really out of line in another forum, please try to contact that forums moderators immediately.

Forum(s) Needing Moderators ( as of 02/10/2010, subject to change)
~ Piano Forum
~ Pianist Corner - Non Classical
~ Digital Pianos
~ Piano Techs

I would like us to have multiple moderators for each of the active forums.

How To Apply:

Click Here to Email Frank

* Your Forums Name
* Your Real Name
* Your Forums Membership Number
* The Forum You Would Like to Moderate
* The Time Zone You Live In
* Average Time Spent on The Forums
* A brief description of why you think you would make a good moderator.

Please do not be offended if you are not chosen.
If you do not make this round, I will keep your information as a possible alternate.

If you already applied and didn't hear back, feel free to apply again. I may have just filed your application for future reference (it doesn't hurt to jog my memory)

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