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Posted By: MooganDavid Damper pedal plastic piece on AP - 12/05/21 03:57 AM
Hello Friends I'm trying to fix my sisters Korean Baby grand piano. The pedals all have 3 vertical brass threaded rods that fit into plastic bushings of some sort inside the pedal itself. Those plastic pieces have crumbled and I don't know what they're called or where to get them. I did a google search but it was kind of confusing trying to find a name. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks MooganDavid
Posted By: PhilipInChina Re: Damper pedal plastic piece on AP - 12/05/21 05:11 AM
I know almost nothing about pianos. So take this for what it's worth.

I had a Bluthner concert grand shipped here from England. When it arrived the rod which is used to secure the lyre was not the correct part. It was impossible to get it to fit as it was far too short. A friend of mine, now sadly dead, visited me. He was a blacksmith amongst other things. Together we went to a neighbouring farm and lit the forge. There my friend made the correct piece from a bit of steel rod. We fitted it and it works fine.

My point is that with something as simple as a bushing anything which fits and does the job ought to work. In fact if the old ones have crumbled an ersatz part might be superior!

I don't subscribe to the Steinwas hype.
Posted By: MooganDavid Re: Damper pedal plastic piece on AP - 12/05/21 05:38 AM
Thank you for the advise
Posted By: BDB Re: Damper pedal plastic piece on AP - 12/05/21 06:17 AM
I think what you need is a very small crutch tip that goes on the end of the pedal rod and fits in a hole at the back of the pedal. That is one thing to use, but traditionally, it might be some action cloth or leather. All it does is keep the rod centered in the hole and prevents it from rattling and making noise.
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