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Posted By: neroncito Yamaha LU-11 - value? - 05/12/22 07:29 PM
Hello esteemed pianoworld members!

I'm new here. I've read content for a bit over a year. I'm posting here to get opinions on the value of a Yamaha LU-11 that my neighbor is selling before a move.

She's asking $500 for this piano which she bought pre-owned in 2014 at the Steinway store here in SF, California

It's the dreaded console. I know the downsides, but at least it's a Yamaha and an improvement upon our Yamaha digital p-105. I have my 8.5 yr old daughter now playing for 3 years. Also my 6 yr old son. I told myself I wouldn't get a console, but here I am considering it.

Is $500 a fair price for this piano? Condition seems very good. It's been periodically tuned and never moved around since it was delivered. The cost to move it is actually more ! frown


PS: I am a trained amateur classical pianist. Played at advanced level until I was 19. Then barely kept up until now. Now quite delighted to resume and dust off my skills. I want double action hammers in my life again!
Posted By: Sgisela Re: Yamaha LU-11 - value? - 05/12/22 11:47 PM
Welcome to the forum! I don’t have any great insight into these pianos, but here is a link to an old thread that discusses them: http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/307148/yamaha-lu-11-for-1-995.html .
My guess, based on this thread, is that the piano dates to the late 80s, so about 35 years old, and as a budget piano, it wasn’t really made to stand the test of time. 35 years old is getting on in years for pianos.
I guess my concern is that if you and your son really start playing a fair bit, this piano may stop meeting your needs in very short order. I guess my question is whether your budget is flexible. At $500, paying $100-$150 for a tech inspection seems like a significant investment, but it may still be worth it. At the very least, I’d ask for the contact information of the person who last serviced the piano; they may be able to give you some valuable information.
Posted By: Jean Claude Re: Yamaha LU-11 - value? - 05/13/22 07:08 AM
If you want to spend only $500 and all the notes work and it's reasonably in tune it's probably a better bet than most of what you are likely to find at that price. It is perfectly true that it won't last for ever but the chances are that you'd get a few years out of it. On a separate subject, I'm astonished to hear that you are being quoted more than the cost of the piano to have it moved from your neighbour's house to yours and think that you should get a few more quotes. If it's close enough to move without putting it into a vehicle it can probably be done by two competent people in 15 minutes or less.
Posted By: Jean Claude Re: Yamaha LU-11 - value? - 05/13/22 07:20 AM
...on the other hand, if you're going to wind up paying 500 for the piano, 500 to get it moved and maybe 150 to get it tuned a better digital might be a sensible option for a spend of $1 150.
Posted By: neroncito Re: Yamaha LU-11 - value? - 05/13/22 07:12 PM
Hello, thanks to all who responded!

I actually have a Yamaha digital piano P105.

I live in SF where the moving costs have sky-rocketed. The movers swear that the cost is really the stairs. And they'd have to use them since we're on a third floor and elevator too small.

So yeah, bummer to pay more in moving than piano is worth. Then again, I really don't know what it's worth!

I do have the number for the technician. I could call him back and ask if he thinks the price is fair. Great idea!
Posted By: neroncito Re: Yamaha LU-11 - value? - 05/14/22 03:38 AM
Your idea to ask the tuning technician for that particular piano was spot on. He said $300 - 400 for resale value. Thanks for the suggestion!
Posted By: Sgisela Re: Yamaha LU-11 - value? - 05/14/22 11:00 AM
Glad it was helpful. I’m guessing he also told you that it was in good condition/that he didn’t anticipate it would need any work in the near future?

Also, if you decide to buy the piano and need some additional way to persuade the neighbor to sell to you, I would bring up the moving cost with her (since this is part of the cost to you of buying the piano), and if she needs to dispose of it and can’t find another buyer, it would cost her to have the piano disposed of.
Posted By: Steve Cohen Re: Yamaha LU-11 - value? - 05/14/22 06:48 PM
Ask the movers for a "keyboard delivery", where the piano (well wrapped) is put on its end and will now fit in the smallest of elevators.
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