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Posted By: Lisa Higginbotham Becker piano J12575 - 02/17/21 02:07 PM
I was given a piano several years ago that has the name Becker on it and I’m trying to get more information on it. The number stamped above the sound board is J12575. It isn’t a J Becker or Becker Bros, just Becker. There’s no way this piano is 100 years old. I’m estimating, based on the cleanliness and condition of the parts, maybe 30 years old at oldest. Stamped Made In The USA and it’s very basic so I don’t think it came from Russia. I’ve Googled and Googled but those are the only 2 Becker piano companies I can find. I have a picture of it on my website, if you’d like to see it. Scroll all the way down, it’s the last picture on the page.
Posted By: BDB Re: Becker piano J12575 - 02/18/21 02:59 PM
It is probably a stencil piano, made by some piano manufacturer for a store that wanted an exclusive brand, so they put a name on it which does not have any connection to the actual maker.

You might find someone who knows who the manufacturer was if you post this to the main area, not the FAQs.
Posted By: Lisa Higginbotham Re: Becker piano J12575 - 02/18/21 03:17 PM
Thank you! Didn’t realize I posted it in faq! 😂
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