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Posted By: Piano World There's a piano in an East Texas tree - 01/16/15 03:35 PM
There's a piano in an East Texas tree

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They say money doesn't grow on trees. But, in Flint, pianos do. At the corner of County Roads 141 and 137 sits a piano perched in the branches of an old tree.

"This is so cool to live down the street," said Kaleigh White, a neighbor.

A lot of cars pass by to look up at the tree to try to catch a glimpse of the piano nested in its branches. You'd only know it was there if someone had already told you about it.

"I pass down this street every day and never knew until you told me about it and there it was," said Ron Nunez, a neighbor.

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The story behind the piano is mysterious. That's how the man who put it there wants it to stay. That's also why he wouldn't do an interview.

"I'm sure it was a difficult thing and for somebody to do something that big I bet you they did it at night time I'm sure of it," Nunez suggested.

The man who put it there wouldn't say how he did it, but it has been there since May. He said it was a piece of art that he wanted to share.

"I like it. We have the burger place, you know, that's kind of infamous as people say and now we have the piano in the tree," White said.

The man said he hoped it would make people happy. The piano no longer worked, but now sits propped up with bolts and wire, amidst the sounds of nature.

"It's great! It's something unique and I'm sure a lot of people are going to talk about it nowadays," Nunez exclaimed.

The man said he didn't know what to do with the broken piano, but wasn't ready to throw it away. He said watching people smile when they discover it is exactly why he put it up there. He also said the mystery behind it is part of its charm and leaving the story up to the imagination.

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