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Posted By: gnossie recommendations for how to learn a new piece - 09/19/21 07:53 AM
Here's what I mean:

My usual method is to learn in this order, in these stages:
1. which fingers go on which notes . . . note the best fingering
2. more careful adherence to the time
3. memorize all transitions
4. attention to dynamics
5. attention to minor ornamentation

Teachers don't seem to like this . . . when I'm on stage 1, they'll say "dynamics! This is supposed to be pianissimo!" Etc.

But my brain can't do everything at once! It's overwhelming. If I could do everything at the same time, I make sense to say i was learning the song.

Anyhow, what do you say? My method has always worked for me . . . but I am open to suggestions.
Doesn't this belong in the FAQ subforum?
Originally Posted by cygnusdei
Doesn't this belong in the FAQ subforum?
Given that hardly anyone posts in that subforum or reads anything in it, I think it is fine right where it is. smile
You don’t mention how long you have been playing. Beginning students will not be able to learn multiple elements at one time—because playing the right notes at the right time takes time to integrate.
But many beginners will learn notes snd rhythm together as much as they can.

The longer you have played, the more you should be able to integrate more elements at the same time rather than in layers. Why is it better? If you delay dynamics until level four, that means you have spent time practicing the music and integrating dynamics which may not be in the score, therefore you are a re-learning something that was learned the first time incorrectly.

I don’t understand your statement about memorizing transitions. Why now before you are even playing the right dynamics? If you reading from the score, why are you memorizing transitions? Read them
One other thought: how slowly are you practicing? You may need to SLOW WAY DOWN so you can learn more than one thing at a time.

Most of us think we practice slowly, when is fact we do not practice slow enough
I actually think you are already doing it correctly. One thing at a time, you need to build foundation before moving to the next level.
This is from my piano teacher: first is Rhythm, then note reading, articulation, dynamics, style & mood, like a pyramid.
You can check out her demo here:
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