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Posted By: Jason Sioco Perfect Pitch Journal #1 - 07/17/19 12:53 PM
I am a jazz piano player demonstrating my perfect pitch skills!!! :grin: BTW I began Perfect Pitch Training as an adult. Going against the popular idea that adults CAN'T develop Perfect Pitch. :sleep: I have a game that I created on my own to help me develop Perfect Pitch!!! :sick:

Posted By: nicknameTaken Re: Perfect Pitch Journal #1 - 07/30/19 01:14 PM
Please distribute that tool. Can't comprehend.
Posted By: newer player Re: Perfect Pitch Journal #1 - 09/02/19 09:12 PM
That is a free SRS application called Anki. It is a rudimentary computerised flashcard system.

You can download the application on Windows or Mac then search the public decks to see what "perfect pictch" decks are available.

It is based on a very old algorythm from the SuperMemo SRS.
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