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Posted By: maxc246 Fantastic Contraption - 11/10/08 11:24 PM
I'm new here, but I didn't see any mention of my new favorite game. You can play it here for free.


The premise is simple. You have to get the pink item into the pink goal zone using only 5 basic tools. When starting, physics are turned off so you can build your contraption. When the contraption is ready, click Start to set everything in motion, including gravity.

Once you've made a contraption, you can save it and create a link to it to share with others.

Warning, to the right type of person, this game can be very addicting. smile

Posted By: Horowitzian Re: Fantastic Contraption - 11/12/08 05:59 AM
Cool game! I spent too long playing it... shocked
Posted By: Jude26 Re: Fantastic Contraption - 02/19/13 01:40 AM
Very cool game guy. Thank you for share and i will play in my free time
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