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Posted By: Rosewood17 Like or Thanks Button - 02/05/18 09:00 PM
I often read posts that I greatly enjoy for one reason or another. There may be useful information, or the person may have gone out of their way to be particularly helpful, or someone might have politely & effectively defused an argument/disagreement that is getting out of hand, or perhaps the post was amusing/funny/clever.

There may be several posts like this in a given thread. It takes too much time to compose a post addressed to certain forum members just to express appreciation, and such a post doesn't really "add to the discussion" anyway.

It would be kind of nice to just be able to click on a "Like" button (or something similar, such as a "Thanks" button) to be able to express appreciation for another forum member's efforts.

Thanks. smile
Posted By: casinitaly Re: Like or Thanks Button - 02/05/18 09:39 PM
Under your post, I see a "tweet" button and a "like" button. I clicked "like" to see what would happen. Even when I am logged off, it shows the like box ticked and a comment beside saying "you like this".

If someone else could click it to see what happens, that would be interesting. I don't know if it will work for every post, or just for the thread.

We can see if someone can like both Rosewood's post and mine, or just the thread.
Posted By: Rosewood17 Re: Like or Thanks Button - 02/14/18 03:41 AM
I do not see a "tweet" button and I also do not see a "like" button under any post (mine, yours, or anyone else's).
Posted By: NobleHouse Re: Like or Thanks Button - 05/03/18 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Rosewood17
I do not see a "tweet" button and I also do not see a "like" button under any post (mine, yours, or anyone else's).

I had never noticed either, but there is a "tweet", "like" and a "share" button. BUT, only on the last post of each topic. I agree with Rosewood17 that it would be great to have a "LIKE" button on every post, so we can let those posters know we agree with them.
Posted By: Occam’s Epilator Re: Like or Thanks Button - 05/04/18 02:47 PM
And those buttons reply on third-party social media apps that many people have objections to using.

It would be nice if there were “like” and “thanks” buttons independent of external accounts.

Posted By: KurtZ Re: Like or Thanks Button - 02/14/19 04:57 PM
Another vote for a like button (that doesn't interact with social media). They have one on the Bass Guitar forum I use and I really enjoy the feature. As a poster, the feedback is nice and I like being able to agree with someone without cluttering up the thread with what we used to call, "Me too" posts.

Posted By: treefrog Re: Like or Thanks Button - 12/26/19 05:44 PM
I’ve only been here a short while and on many occasions have wanted to click a 'thumbs up' button on posts to show my appreciation.
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