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Hi everybody,
doing some research over Alfred Cortot's "Rational Principles...." I stumbled over a video with Thuyen Phiet.
In the description it is claimed that she was a pupil of Cortot and that she authored a "Cortot inspired Piano method", whatever "Cortot inspired" might mean...

So far I could find out that the method is called "See-Hear-Play-Method" and probably also "Thuyen Phiet piano method".
But I can't find any further information.

All Google search attempts seem to lead to a dead end.
There seems to be no website and even Amazon also "spits out" only one "out of stock" book with no further info.

On YouTube there a few videos claiming "See-Hear-Play-Method full demonstration" but these are only some shots of a few pupils' recitals.

So is anyone here who has more knowledge about that teacher and her method and is willing to share some insight?

Thanks in advance :-)
actually i must correct myself. just found a webpage http://thuyenphiet.com/method/
But not very much info there and still no clue what is meant by "Cortot inspired"
Googled it for you. wink


EDIT: I see that you found it as well. cool

EDIT: The website says that she studied under Alfred Cortot.
Originally Posted by Animisha
EDIT: The website says that she studied under Alfred Cortot.
yes that's what i said.

So "Cortot inspired" means that she was his pupil and that it is basically just some name dropping for marketing purposes confused confused

Although might this be a misinterpretation by me since i can't find any quote of that kind made by herself.
So the uploader of the mentioned video might be to be blamed.
Musical Moments with Tanya ? I do not understand the essence.
I'll stop googling, but you may be interested in this:

this is the video with the "Cortot inspired" quote i was referring to.
I couldn't find any groundbreaking new insights there so i was wondering if anyone has experience with that method
I am sorry, I realise I wasn't helping much, just telling you things you already knew... blush
"See Hear Play Method" reminds me of Harold Hill and the "Think System."

Alibris website for used books has a couple of Thuyen Phiet's books. One is scales-chords-arpeggios and the other is Piano Course - book 3 dated 1993. Don't know if it's worth it to get the piano course book for your research.
naaah, i don't think so.
Especially not for those prices.
You obviously can get all books in an all in one edition for nearly the same price at her website.

I was just triggered by the "Cortot inspired piano method" sentence.
Made me curious what that might mean.
I am just wondering you are reading Alfred Cortot's "Rational Principles...." or you are looking for some methods that takes the word "Cortot" but there is almost nothing really to do with real Alfred Cortot?
Well, I was/am reading "Rational Principles..." and was curious what YouTube in its infinite wisdom had to offer concerning this book.
That's how I stumbled over the term "Cortot inspired piano method"...
smile smile smile smile smile
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