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Posted By: Emily2Lame Does anybody have this book? - 11/03/21 02:40 AM
As the title suggests, I'm looking for someone that owns a copy of this book: https://www.amazon.com/Giant-Book-C...-4#aw-udpv3-customer-reviews_feature_div

If so, would you say an early/middleish intermediate pianist could learn a few songs from this in time for Christmas? There aren't images of the sheets that I can find and none of the reviews really spoke about the difficulty 😕

I've looked into the more popular "easy" version of this book, while reviews were mixed (in terms of the difficulty people seemed split, "It's really easy a beginner could play it!" and "It's way too hard for a beginner!" lol) based on the few photos of the sheets and the recordings of the songs themselves it seems a bit easy (and a bit boring) for my current level.

P.S. already posted in adult beginners forum as well. Trying to cover my bases, thought here was good as well since teachers typically have large repertoire collections.

Thanks in advance for any help offered 😊!
Posted By: Tenor1 Re: Does anybody have this book? - 11/03/21 04:06 AM
The Reader's Digest Christmas book is pretty good and it's also at Amazon.
Posted By: Emily2Lame Re: Does anybody have this book? - 11/03/21 06:30 AM
I'll take a look! Thank you! 😊
Posted By: Talão Re: Does anybody have this book? - 11/03/21 01:36 PM
I did a quick skim of the book linked by the OP and I have the Reader's Digest Christmas book. My first reaction is that the arrangements in the Reader's Digest book are a bit more difficult. They are beautiful, but they are a bit challenging for me to play (I've been playing for 2 years and 4 months and can reasonably play, with practice of course, things at around a grade 6 level in RCM, or a Henle level 3-4).
Posted By: Emily2Lame Re: Does anybody have this book? - 11/03/21 05:21 PM
Thank you Talao! That was very helpful 🙂
Posted By: lilchris Re: Does anybody have this book? - 12/14/21 06:39 PM
I tried to order the latest version of Readers digest Christmas classics book from Amazon, delivery Jan 6th next year so too late for this Christmas…..lol
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