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Posted By: Horace Goldberg Aria and first variation - 05/29/04 04:05 AM
Here's my beginner's attempt (been playing for about 18 months now, plus a couple years of childhood lessons two decades ago) at the Goldberg Variations aria and the first variation. Usually when I sit down to play them back to back, one or both ends up coming out terribly but this time I got pretty lucky, so I thought I'd post the result. Played on a yamaha p-22 upright which is probably a bit out of tune. Recorded on the best microphone money can buy, for values of money equal to $10.

The aria is probably played a little too slowly for my current level of skill, but the first variation is more to my satisfaction.

The Goldbergs are my favorite piece in the solo keyboard literature, and I'll be making my way through them sequentially. Probably take a few years.

aria and first variation
Posted By: rjcook Re: Goldberg Aria and first variation - 06/06/04 12:22 AM
I very much enjoyed your recording, very accomplised for just 18 months of playing. The first variation was just wonderful. thanks.
Posted By: Diarmuid2 Re: Goldberg Aria and first variation - 06/07/04 05:37 PM
Well done. That's really good playing after just 18 months. In fact for someone whose only been playing that long I think var 1 is exceptional. Did you base your approach on Gould 81' ?
Posted By: Horace Re: Goldberg Aria and first variation - 06/10/04 05:49 AM

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, especially in the Aria, you can probably hear the influence of Gould '81. Too bad that doesn't seem to mitigate the fact that my aria is nearly painful to listen to, whereas his is more beautiful than any other I've heard. I own about 10 different recorded versions of the Goldbergs, and his '81 is far and away my favorite (his '55 version is conversely probably my least favorite). I just wish he had taken all the repeats!
Posted By: Mendelssohn Re: Goldberg Aria and first variation - 08/31/04 08:03 AM
Only 18 months playing? *Bows* Excellent job!
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