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Posted By: 8opus [VIDEO]Promenade n°1 by Jérémie LHOMME - 07/16/21 09:12 AM
Hi everyone!

I hope you guys are all doing great.

I wanted to share a video of myself playing my latest piano piece. I do apologize for the mild awkwardness of the intro. I don't usually talk in front of the camera. I do intend to get better at it, though. Anyway, I hope you guys will like it! smile

Bravo, gorgeous. I think the sweet phrase at 1:37 stands out and could even modulate to another chord and repeat a bit more explicitly.
Posted By: 8opus Re: [VIDEO]Promenade n°1 by Jérémie LHOMME - 07/16/21 05:20 PM
@gaffster That's a good observation. Thank you so much for your comment!
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