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I'd like to share my latest video with you:

For whatever reason, after I wrote the first draft of this piece I didn't think to call it finished and go ahead and give it a name, but, after looking back through material several months old I found it and was delighted with it as is. The performance came out nicely too - I was meditating throughout.

Makes me wonder what other pianists think about (if anything) while playing. Any thoughts?

Good one!
I liked it. Nice melody (quite Mozart-like) and good and varied developments. A bit short maybe?
Very nice. I enjoyed listening.

Jeanne W
mydp, its brevity is all part of my grand scheme to make you crave more! (Actually, you may be right; making a piece longer and still sound good is one of the things I know I'll be aiming at.)

Thanks, Jeanne - happy to please!
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