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Posted By: CanCakmur F. Liszt "Chasse-neige” - 05/25/21 10:21 AM

Here is “Chasse-neige” (Etude d’Execution Transcendente No. 12) from the same concert in Weimar. Hope you enjoy and any comments welcome as always.


Posted By: pianoloverus Re: F. Liszt "Chasse-neige” - 05/25/21 11:42 AM
Bravo, Can!
Posted By: SiFi Re: F. Liszt "Chasse-neige” - 05/25/21 03:37 PM
Fabulous, as always. One of my two favorite Transcendentals. Wonderful to hear it played so well.
Posted By: Damon Re: F. Liszt "Chasse-neige” - 07/16/21 10:48 PM
Terrific of course! And my favorite composer.
Posted By: dogperson Re: F. Liszt "Chasse-neige” - 07/16/21 10:58 PM
Thanks so much for posting!! Bravo, Bravo!!😻
Posted By: BruceD Re: F. Liszt "Chasse-neige” - 07/20/21 05:38 PM
What can one say that hasn't been already said: Fantastic! and thank you!

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