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Posted By: 1895Knabe Need help...restoration questions - 11/13/20 02:22 PM
I have an 1895 Knabe 6'2" parlor grand, tech says I will need new action, and possibly pin block. He doesn't do this type of work. How much as a rough estimate might this cost? Where can I find skilled tech? Would you keep the piano and restore, or shop for a different piano?

I specifically wanted an antique piano because the house is Victorian, but I need a serviceable piano...not just a nice looking piece of furniture. The piano has a lovely tone, but dampers not functioning well, if at all, in middle range.

Any advice much appreciated! smile
Posted By: tend to rush Re: Need help...restoration questions - 11/13/20 02:31 PM
I'd recommend posting in the Tuner-Technician forum.
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