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Posted By: Gwenn First Grand Piano: Feurich F165 - 07/02/21 08:23 PM
HI fellow Pianoworld Members

About 3 months ago I acquired my first grand piano. I studied piano at the Royal Ghent Conservatory but never finished my studies due to medical reasons.

I started rather modest with a knockoff stencil piano, then I upgraded tot a second hand Sauter 108 (1954) with a pleasing mellow tone.
Sometimes I spent hours looking for 2nd hand grand piano's (mostly out of curiosity).
However in the middle of the second lockdown (I live in Belgium) I stumbled upon a stunning Feurich grand piano. I never saw or played one before but a friend of mine told they hold their own against the more well known brands.
It was love at first sight, the piano convinced me with its big, full tone, powerful sound and last but not least beautiful cabinettery.

The piano needed some work (it hasn't been tuned for 10 years). Now it's tuned for the second time and it's a marvellous piano now.

In the matter of a month I sold my Sauter upright and reorganised my house to fit in my new piano. The piano was built in 1976 in Langlau Germany. However if someone could tell me wich kind of woodwork is used in my piano you would help me a great deal smile

Here are soms Photo's

Cheers and greetings from Belgium

love the woodwork. Looks like midcentury modern. Beautiful!
Posted By: tre corda Re: First Grand Piano: Feurich F165 - 07/07/21 05:16 AM
Congratulations on your beautiful German made Feurich grand! The older German made Feurich pianos are not often found on this side of the world.That type of wood finish is used quite often on some German brands.I am not sure what the finish is.Could it be Cherry/Yew?
I am sure the tone of this piano must be wonderful.Enjoy many happy hours playing your Feurich.
Posted By: Hakki Re: First Grand Piano: Feurich F165 - 07/09/21 09:58 PM
Congratulations on your Feurich grand!
Posted By: Gwenn Re: First Grand Piano: Feurich F165 - 07/10/21 09:25 AM
Thank you, I think it's quite unique smile It works quite well in our living room with some vintage pieces of the same era smile
Quite some repertoire that you're working on wink keep it going

Posted By: Gwenn Re: First Grand Piano: Feurich F165 - 07/10/21 09:37 AM
Thank you!! smile I've heard that the German Feurich piano's are a rare encounter on your side of the world and that they were very expensive due to import taxes. Although here in Europe they are quite rare either, it was the first time that I ever saw a Feurich grand piano for sale second hand here in Belgium... Not many people here know Feurich as a brand name, mostly you come across Yamaha's, Kawai, older Bechsteins, Pleyel, Gaveau, Bosendorfer, Bl├╝thner and Steinway. But the smaller boutique European builders aren't always widely known.

A friend of mine always spoke highly of Feurich espescially their F227 semi concert grand. So when I saw the add I immediatly responded and saw my chance. Thanks for your help smile Maybe it could be a combination of yew and cherry wood.

The tone is unique the best description is a hybrid tone between the full, deep and resonant basses on a German piano and the treble clarity of French Pleyel piano's. My Feurich can certainly compete with the top brands like Steingraeber, Sauter,... But like any pianist I alway see the beauty in any beautifully made instrument of course smile
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