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Posted By: Piano World Yamaha C5 Grand Piano For Sale - 02/12/21 03:27 PM
If you have questions about this piano you can message the seller via a PM (if their Forums Name is shown), or
post a question in the thread.

You have to be a registered member for either of the above. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes...

If you aren't a member or there is no forum member name you can email frank@pianoworld.com
and I will contact/forward to the seller. If you are emailing, please include the Piano Brand & Model and the State.

CITY Eclectic
State / Province / Region AL
Postal / Zip Code 36024
Country United States

Seller's Piano Forums Name coloradosherry

Piano Brand/Make Yamaha
Model C5
Serial Number: 6050553
Size 6'7"
Asking Price $27,500
Choose Style: Traditional
Type: Grand
Choose Finish: Polish Ebony

2003 C5. Excellent Condition. Tuned and maintained on regular schedule. Fantastic tone and overall sound. This piano is in mint condition - no scratches, dents, etc. Moving to Colorado from deep south. Do not want to move this piano to dry, arid climate.

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[Linked Image]
Posted By: Note Re: Yamaha C5 Grand Piano For Sale - 03/14/21 03:39 AM
i am interested .I live in Marietta. how can i contact you.
Posted By: dogperson Re: Yamaha C5 Grand Piano For Sale - 03/21/21 06:52 PM
[quote=Note]i am interested .I live in Marietta. how can i contact you.[/quote]

Hi note
Per the listing, the forum member name is Colorado Sherry,
There is an option at the top of the forum page, where you can search gor a member by forum name. Once you find the listing, click on ‘Private message’ to send a message

I have copied the link to the member profile below. Just click on Private Message, type and send

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