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Hello everyone,
I've gotten my CLP 685 after a lot of back and forth and have to say I really like it. However, I was told that the piano room settings would save. This doesn't seem to be the case for me. I've tried turning the reverb off but when I turn the piano off and back on again it's back to the reverb being on. This happens with all the settings. I don't know if that's maybe just how it should be. Can someone with a CLP 685 confirm wether this is the case or not? And if not is there something that I'm missing?

Hm, not home to try it, but have you tried "system->backup setting" from the function menu after you make the changes?
I had the question and member Tyr helped me out.

"simply use the function button:

- Navigate to the system menu
- Scroll down to backup
- Choose backup setting
- Turn the voice option to "on"

The settings for all settings should now be saved after power off."

Yes that works! Thanks you guys very much!
What settings have you decided on? I’m trying to decide as well which ones I prefer!
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