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I spent some time finding the right keyboard, and settled on ordering the Casio LK265. This keyboard allows mobile phone app connectivity, a feature I wanted, to add MIDI files and make the keyboard light up the keys for songs I choose. According to the application which i already downloaded, it needs to be a MIDI file.

Where can I download MIDI files? I am looking for speed metal, specifically power metal and maybe some melodic death metal. I've had a hard time even finding sheet music before so i don't have any clue where to get MIDI files, and I don't know how to use sheet music to make MIDI files. In the past when i tried learning to play piano I was able to find some power metal tabs like Nightwish, but to make the keys light up i need MIDI files.

Thanks in advance Paino World people!
Are you interested in a midi file that include the band ? Drum, bass, guitar ? Or only a keyboard performance.
I don't mean to be a smarta**, but actually just googling (or binging) "midi files" will give you several sites. Searching for "metal midi files" then gives more accurate results.

There's no one single way to find MIDI files nor a one single website to provide all the worlds music as MIDI. Sometimes there are band/artist fan sites that also include a MIDI section along with everything else.
I found thousands of MIDI files online. But I sought classical pieces, not metal. Still, if something is popular it's online. Give it a try.

Same story for sheet music. Search online.
There are loads of metal songs to be found as guitarpro files on ultimate guitar. If you have Guitarpro, you can export them to midi and include the independent tracks that you need.
As a sidenote: I have a Casio with lighted keys and bought it for my son. Learning songs is hardly any easier than by ear or sheat music. My son outgrew it within a week. Feel of the keys is pretty worthless and the piano sounds are rubbish.
Go on MuseScore.com choose the songs you love and you can export to midi format
vanBascos midi search is usually pretty good but not sure whether metal music is covered.
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