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Posted By: Selencious Player pianos - 09/20/21 10:52 AM
I am looking to buy a player baby grand piano. My question is, are player pianos as good as regular baby grand,? Will a player baby grand play just as good as a regular baby grand or are there more cons to the players? Please advise
Posted By: Frédéric L Re: Player pianos - 09/20/21 11:17 AM
What do you mean by a player piano ? A piano which plays by itself (Yamaha Disklavier…).

If they are also associated with a Silent system (the piano is silent and you play with headphones), you may have an increased escapement which makes it more difficult to play very pianissimo. However, Yamaha has a QuickEscape system which avoids this issue (only on grand pianos).
Posted By: terminaldegree Re: Player pianos - 09/20/21 11:55 AM
The pedal mechanism has to be modified for a player system. Be sure you’ve tried that out so you are aware of differences in feel or functionality.
Posted By: Del Vento Re: Player pianos - 09/21/21 03:04 PM
Ask in the piano forum, where many people have many opinions on this topic, rather than on this forum which deals with digital instruments. Player piano are mostly acoustic, not digital (some forum members are same).

And before you re-ask, make sure to mention a few brands and models you are considering. A 100+ year old pneumatic player piano from a second tier brand is not the same as a latest and greatest Disklavier or Spirio
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