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Posted By: RinTin Garritan with Sibelius "sound set" ? - 09/28/21 07:13 PM
Has anybody successfully configured Sibelius (Ultimate version 8) "sound set" to play scores with Garritan CFX ?
There are some tutorials about Sibelius and VST :
Posted By: TheodorN Re: Garritan with Sibelius "sound set" ? - 09/28/21 08:31 PM
You should be to use LOOPMIDI with Sibelius. I've gotten it to work with both Synthesia and Notation Composer. Just send the output of Sibelius to loopMidi Port, and loopMidi will forward it to the Garritan Aria player, if you set it up to recive MIDI input from the loopMidi port.

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