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Hello Friends I'm trying to get a brighter sound out of my Modern U which to me is pretty dark sounding for a yamaha. I tried using the UVI eg but it still sounds muffled. I would like to bring out the louder samples but still retain the change in velocity while playing. Anyone have any good custom settings I could try. Thanks MooganDavid

@MooganDavid, I am a huge fan and daily player of Modern U.

I posted my favorite settings (and since unchanging) 'somewhere' on this forum but right now not sure where.

I like it mellower somewhat, tuned to sort-of resemble timbre and behavior of a lovely acoustic upright I 'met' earlier this year.

Should I want to vary timbre between softer and brighter, I solely use the 'bend' knobs on the MIDI coupling page. What is brilliant with Modern U is that timbre (the left graph) and gain/volume (the right graph) can be tweaked independently. That is very powerful and useful. Now, for every bit of 'bend' of the left graph, I use the same amount of 'bend' *but in the other direction* on the right graph. This gives excellent results on my system. I'd suggest you experiment with this method for a bit to find (hopefully) what you're looking for.

A last word: although Modern U can get quite bright, it is of course an upright piano and not for example a Yamaha C7 with its harder 'bite'.

Cheers and happy fine-tuning,

Thanks HZ good advise but the brighter I get it, it looses it's body or fullness. Would you happen to know what the q knob means in the eq which doesn't really have an affect. The eq really isn't helping me compensate when I bring out the upper samples.
Originally Posted by MooganDavid
Would you happen to know what the q knob means in the eq which doesn't really have an affect.

Don't know whether this is what you're asking. But in electronics in general, "Q" is the quality factor of a filter or tuned circuit determining how sharp it is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_factor

In an equalizer situation, it defines how broad a range of frequencies (few notes, few octaves, etc.) will be affected by what is being applied.

More general example:

I have the EQ switched off in Modern U, and flat on my two amplifiers.

In Modern U, the soundboard microphone pair is an important source of body in the resulting sound. Make sure to use that if you need more body.

I found the settings list I mentioned yesterday, see below (quoted from this post: http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthre...labs-summer-sale-30-off.html#Post3143967).

Hope this might help,

Cheers and happy fine-tuning,


Originally Posted by HZPiano

Originally Posted by Infinit0
Anyone want to share their best sound settings for Modern U?

Let's see:

- Mic 1: KM184, 0dB
- Mic 2: PM40, 0dB
- Mic 3: MA200, 0dB (or a little less, to taste)

- Release volume 0dB
- Key noise +6dB
- Silent strike +6dB
- Sympathetic resonance 0dB
- Sympathetic polyphony 40

- Pedal resonance 0dB
- Pedal noise -3dB
- True pedal action On
- Repedal On
- Repetition strikes On

- Stereo width 0%
- Tone 0.0
- Timbre shift 0

- Pedal CCs As required
- Polyphony Def

- Half pedal On, min/max as required
- Soft/Sordino/Muted strikes as required

- Reverb Off (Alt: Wood Room dry 100 wet 10)
- EQ Off

- Midi response Bend -0.21
- Gain response Bend +0.21, Minimum gain 0.00

- Tuning preset Equal temperament with defaults only

- No UVI Workstation effects

- Set the volume in the UVI Multi\Mixer tab as required but no higher than -6dB to prevent clipping distortion.

There you go!

Cheers and happy playing that lovely Modern U,


The 'q' knob puzzled me as well, but as I am not using the EQ at all, didn't look into that.

So @JaneF, thank you for your clarification!

Cheers and happy playing,

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