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Posted By: Evalon Still Yamaha CLP-990 for "piano feel"? - 10/22/21 06:57 PM
Hi All,

It has been a while but I am now about to resume my joy in playing the piano. And, to this end, I am considering replacing my current Korg DP-2000 with a more up-to-date piano with 88 keys (the DP-2000 has 76 keys).

However, I most likely will be playing via my PC using Galaxy Pianos (I absolutely adore the Vienna Grand Bösendorfer) so I mainly need a piano that has lifelike piano mechanics and is capable of outputting either midi or USB. Years ago I remember the Yamaha CLP-990 being such a piano, yet it is some years back by now so maybe there is a more current digital piano with such mechanics?

Admittedly I am not looking for a very costly piano - USD 500 to 600 would be a maximum and second-hand is fine.

I would appreciate your inputs wink


Hi Evalon!

The Yamaha CLP-990 was a brilliant piano, both regarding action and sound system. Unfortunately Yamaha abandoned this action type in the clavinovas. I think the Kawai GF actions or Casio grand hybrids are the closest you get with current models. Of course Yamaha and Kawai have their hybrid pianos, but that’s fully blown acoustic piano actions with a different price tag that comes with it…
Posted By: Evalon Re: Still Yamaha CLP-990 for "piano feel"? - 10/23/21 02:35 PM
Hi johanibraaten ;-)

& thanks for your feedback ... I will check out the Kawai & Casios and then consider things. As it is there's currently a CLP-990 available in Germany but it is a 750 kilometer drive so if I can find an alternative I would prefer this.

Have a good day in Sweden - Jesper
Originally Posted by Evalon
Have a good day in Sweden - Jesper

Thank you, however I'm currently in Germany😊 I tried out the Kawai CA99 today and it was a pleasant surprise I must say. The action is a step up from current generations IMO and the sound of the SK-EX is very good. A pleasant piano experience overall. However, if you don't need built in speakers and mainly use your computer as a sound source maby the Kawai VPC-1 midi controller is a good choice? It also has this type of wooden action although an earlier version but still very nice.
Posted By: EB5AGV Re: Still Yamaha CLP-990 for "piano feel"? - 10/23/21 04:35 PM
I went the VPC1 route 15 months ago and have never looked back!
Posted By: Evalon Re: Still Yamaha CLP-990 for "piano feel"? - 10/23/21 05:37 PM
Aaahhh, it could be interesting but probably outside of my budget for this unless I can find one very reasonably priced second-hand ... :-( ...

@johanibraaten: Enjoy your travel :-) .. sounds as if you could be travelling to buy a piano ... ?

Cheers, Jesper
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