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Hi all,
I just got me a Roland RD2000. I´m pretty new to the piano, but I sold my studio piano, which was a pain in the neck to move (I move a lot) and decided I needed something lighter. Anyway, could not have made a better choice.
I have a few questions, hoping the experts will help me.
I connected the Roland to a set M Audio BX8a speakers using XLR cables with a MONO 6.3 adapter plug. I wonder if that is Ok, or if I ought to get STEREO instead, since XLR has 3 pins.
I also have a spare couple of adapter plugs, also MONO, with which I could instead use the plug output instead.
Would you recommend the latter, or using XLR is fine?
Posted By: Purdyd Re: Plugging monitor speakers to a RD2000 - 11/29/21 04:03 PM
Doesn’t that monitor have an xlr input connector? Why are you using an adapter?
Ordered same board. Should come in a week.
Do you play classics on it? What do you think about this video?

The RD2000 probably has two XLR "Line Out" jacks:

. . . Each jack is monophonic -- one for the Left channel, one for the Right channel.

If each monitor has a 1/4" phone jack "Line In", what you've done should be OK.

I would also ask Purdy's question:

. . . If there's an XLR "Line In" jack on each speaker, you could eliminate the adapters that you've using.

The three pins on an XLR connector (for every device I've seen) are:

. . . ground;

. . . signal "+";

. . . signal "-"

The two "signal" pins carry a "balanced" signal, and that arrangement is more hum-resistant than the 1/4" phone jack inputs that you're using. But if what you did works, there's no compelling reason to change it.
Posted By: EPW Re: Plugging monitor speakers to a RD2000 - 11/29/21 06:03 PM
Yes there is a compelling reason Charles, help thee economy along 😀
Posted By: _sem_ Re: Plugging monitor speakers to a RD2000 - 11/29/21 10:36 PM
> M Audio BX8a speakers

These seem to have balanced XLR inputs and also balanced jack (TRS) input. It should be best to connect each speaker with an XLR cable or a "stereo" jack (TRS) cable (actually, two signal lines but for a single channel). But it should be okay with your cable if you're happy with the sound.
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