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Posted By: Gombessa A fairly rare digital sensor mechanism - 05/23/22 02:59 AM
I thought there might be some interest in closeup shots from the hybrid-like mechanism (similar to what is on an AvantGrand N1X or NV-10S) on a real acoustic action, as used in the "Disklavier pro" player/silent system:

Non-contact optical gradient hammer sensor mount on top of the full action:
[Linked Image]

Action profile with hammer sensors attached:
[Linked Image]

Close up of hammer gradient flag along with the sensor windows (similar to the binary shutter on the N1X/NV-10):
[Linked Image]

The hammer-mounted gradient flags with the optical sensor/emitter system removed:
[Linked Image]

The "standard" non-contact optical gradient key sensor flags underneath the keysticks, with fiber optic cables visible?
[Linked Image]
Posted By: SouthPark Re: A fairly rare digital sensor mechanism - 05/23/22 03:24 AM
Thanks for posting that gombessa. Very very interesting indeed. I previously assumed a sealed system. Also impressive how they came up with a way to handle the conditions (counts, resets, states and all) for all 88 keys. They are good. Very good. Excellent pics. Very nicely captured.
Posted By: Gombessa Re: A fairly rare digital sensor mechanism - 05/23/22 03:23 PM
I think it's not sealed because you still need to be able to regulate the hammer and key mechanisms normally. On the NV-10, the IHSS sensor hardware was a bit more involved to remove from the action.

But the parts do look quite fragile, and are sensitive to certain lubricants like Teflon powder (and presumably dust) so I think care is definitely needed when handling.
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